Under the City | The Vanstock’s single launch

The Vanstock - Under the City

Artwork by: Mady Marcelino.

It is way past midnight and you’re still out in the city, walking. Alone. There’s a light drizzle, sprinkling the almost empty streets. Occasionally a cab would pass by, slowing down as it nears you, hoping you’d need a ride. Some buildings are still alive at this time of night. You could tell from the lighted windows and silhouettes moving about.

At a distance you see a familiar figure approaching. Only half of the person’s face is illuminated by the street lights, but you only need to see a part of it to be sure of who it is. The two of you meet at a street corner, and your eyes meet. Words are not necessary to know what you want to say to each other. A hand on an arm. A warm palm on a cheek. It was brief but it was enough. And the two of you part ways, your moonlit shadows vanishing into the night.

Quezon City-based DJ The Vanstock‘s single Under the City, featuring Cordelia has a late-night cosmopolitan feel to it. It’s the kind of chillout/lounge song you might want to listen to when you’re still up or out having a nightcap in a quiet place. Cordelia’s voice can easily soothe a restless mind, and the leisurely beats glide like water. The single is part of The Vanstock’s upcoming album “Mind Games,” which is yet to be released.

Under the City will be released on Monday, July 24, 2017 on Spotify and other digital sites.

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