One Click Straight pulls off impromptu toned-down set

Text by Kimmy Baraoidan
Photos by Chris Quintana and Kimmy Baraoidan

One Click Straight. Photo by Kimmy Baraoidan.

At some point in a band’s life, you will get to experience gigs that will test your patience and flexibility. For Manila-based pop-rock band One Click Straight, such a gig showed just how talented and adaptable the band is.

Last January 25, One Click Straight—composed of Joel Cartera and Sam Marquez on guitars, Tim Marquez on drums, and Toff Marquez on bass and vocals—was the headliner band for Gold Steps Productions’ Bimby in Wonderland held in Los Baños, Laguna. The gig also featured Manila-based indie-rock band The Adamant where Sam also plays guitar, and LB acts ALS, Red Light, Lidjah, and Cold Summer.

The Adamant. Photo by Chris Quintana.

One Click Straight was poised to play last, and The Adamant was playing before them. Halfway during The Adamant’s set, a visit from the barangay tanods (village watchmen) almost cut the gig short. The gig venue was on a building’s rooftop. Its open-air design enabled the amplified sounds to reach slumbering residents in a nearby subdivision.

The gig was allowed to continue, provided that the sounds be toned down to a level just loud enough for a house jam. The amps and speakers can be toned down, sure. But how do you tell a drummer to tone it down? There’s no in-between. It’s either you play or you don’t.

One Click Straight with drummer Tim Marquez on the saxophone. Photo by Kimmy Baraoidan.

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