One Click Straight releases single “She”

Photo courtesy of One Click Straight

The guys of pop-rock band One Click Straight—vocalist and bassist Toffer Marquez, guitarists Sam Marquez and Joel Cartera, and drummer Tim Marquez—are back again with another single. She is inspired by the tragic emotional disarray that people go through when faced with unrequited feelings, according to Sam.

Tim initially started the whole concept and structure of the song, said Sam. “It was that shuffle drum beat and the mid tempo groove that inspired the whole song. Arrangement and lyrics all just fell into place naturally. It was instantly a personal favorite for all members of the band,” Sam said.

One can easily mistake She for a famous Tears for Fears song, Everybody Wants to Rule the World because of its chord progression and take on the instruments, which are similar to those of the popular ’80s track. While arguably welcome, it seems that the younger local bands these days are rediscovering and gravitating toward the ’80s new wave sound.

If you can’t get enough of One Click Straight’s sound, you’re going to have to be a bit patient, as the band is still writing and recording tracks for a full-length album set to come out in mid or late 2018. Your best bet is to catch them live. Sam said there might be a small One Click Straight pre-album tour around the metro, so stay posted!

“[At] the end of the day, we’re just having fun, working hard, and making music. That’s what were all about,” said Sam.

Listen now to She:

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