Life Less Ordinary launches debut EP

Life Less Ordinary. Photo by: Chris Quintana.

Life Less Ordinary, a local indie band based in San Pablo City, Laguna, recently launched their four-song EP at 77 Grove Events Place in Los Baños.

Their debut EP entitled The SelfTitled 4-Song EP is the product of weekend warriors Mark Dela Cruz (vocals/guitars), Prong Biglete (guitars), Marc Banzuela (drums), and Gibo Tan (bass), who in late 2016 got together and started jamming on days when they are not slaving away in the corporate and the domestic worlds. The EP has a lot of potential. Influenced by Weezer, Rico Blanco, Dashboard Confessional, and Sugarfree, the tracks are easy on the ears and radio-friendly. The use of upbeat, double-time drums makes for some unusual take on the tracks. The guitars, while good, especially on the rhythms, could still use more body and a bit of punch every now and then.

Life Less Ordinary. Photo by: Kimmy Baraoidan.

The band’s songs touch on emotions and situations that everybody has gone through at some point in life like hope in Curfew; doubt in Mabilis Pa sa Alas-Kwatro, bitterness in Asa Pa, and moving on in Huling Byahe. If you’re a hopeless romantic like these guys, you can access the EP on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and for the more old-fashioned folks, you can get a copy of their EP in CD format.

Life Less Ordinary’s approach to The SelfTitled 4-Song EP is reminiscent of the time when local ’90s alternative music was starting to flourish. Among the candy pop, indiepop, and electronic music that seem to dominate radio airwaves and the internet these days, Life Less Ordinary’s music is a refreshing sound to ears that are saturated with ‘digital’ and heavily synthesized material. Organic-sounding music would always have a timeless auditory appeal. ALT

Life Less Ordinary EP Launch also featured local acts The Near Death Experience, Fratres, Afterwehad, Jen Rogers Band, and Shly Daz. This event was presented by Sonic Pitch Events and Productions, with the participation of the UP Jammers’ Club, and sponsored by NinaVirgin Band Studio and Smirnoff Mule Philippines.

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