Life Less Ordinary EP launch

Life Less Ordinary, a Laguna-based indie band, is set to launch their debut EP this coming Thursday, August 24, at 77 Grove Events Place in Los Baños.

The group was formed in late 2016 by hopeless romantics Mark Dela Cruz (vocals/guitars), Prong Biglete (guitars), Marc Banzuela (drums), and Gibo Tan (bass). Influenced by their love for day jobs/household chores on weekdays and melodic heartfelt music in tow (from Weezer to Rico Blanco, from Dashboard Confessional to Sugarfree), the boys decided to play and make songs on the weekends together.

The band had recently recorded their debut EP last summer, simply entitled The SelfTitled 4-Song EP, fueled with four emotional tracks in their mother tongue. The songs talk about bitterness (Asa Pa), doubts (Mabilis Pa sa Alas-Kwatro), hope (Curfew), moving on (Huling Byahe), and life in general. The EP is now available via Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and in CD format.

Life Less Ordinary is set to touch every single broken hearts with their own brand of bittersweet music.

The Los Baños leg will also feature local acts The Near Death Experience, Jen Rogers Band, Shly Daz, Fratres, and Afterwehad. This event is presented by Sonic Pitch Events and Productions.

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