Filipino experimental musician Levi Masuli releases conceptual audio work

Filipino experimental musician and writer Levi Masuli (grabbed from Masuli’s Facebook account).

After relocating from Baguio City to Mandaluyong City, Filipino experimental musician and writer Levi Masuli has released a conceptual audio work called “Improvisations on Sel*cta Ice Cream Truck Theme.” The concept is to subject a loop of the Selecta ice cream truck jingle to a variety of audio effects and manipulate the sound improvisationally. He collaborated with video artist Kabunyan Palaganas from Baguio City with a video which subjected Selecta commercials to video effects, thereby replicating the audio work’s concept.

The audio work can be streamed via Levi’s Bandcamp page.

The video can be streamed via Kabunyan Palaganas’ Vimeo page.

Levi Masuli is a musician and a writer currently residing in Mandaluyong City. He is interested in musical and poetic innovation and the conceptual potentials of sound and words. A complete catalogue of his audio works can be found on his Bandcamp page. He also maintains a blog. You can contact Levi at

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