Fratres rocks out in LB

Fratres performs during Life Less Ordinary’s EP launch at 77 Grove Events Place in Los Baños, Laguna. Photo by: Kimmy Baraoidan.

Anyone who goes to a rock gig is expecting the bands to put on a show, to rock their hearts out, to make the audience sing along or dance or bang their heads. Many upcoming bands have yet to master the art of performing, but Fratres certainly made an impression during their performance recently at Life Less Ordinary’s EP launch in Los Baños, Laguna.

If most bands who are just starting out are as still as mannequins or fumble awkwardly with their instruments on stage or look like they are just practicing at home, Fratres is the opposite. The band’s energetic performance will make you want to stomp your foot and bang your head. They are confident and sure of themselves. In other words, this band got swag.

The San Pablo City-based melodic rock band is a fusion of two bands. Jordan Abolencia (vocals), Prong Biglete (guitar), Mikkie Biglete (guitar), Jaysun Baylon (bass), and Emmanuel Marquez (drums) got together on August 15, 2015 at a band rehearsal studio and formed what is now known as Fratres. Prong and Mikkie came up with the idea of calling the band Fratres, which is Latin for ‘brothers.’

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